Thefigure is equivalent to only 1 percent of the total number ofservice jobs in developed countries. I predict that this will happen in the next two quarters.
The real problem lies with the management. But our man was told he could also buypassport details, medical records and mobile phone numbers. Another oneor two such cases and the industry isdoomed according totheBBC.
British firms have invested millions in Indiancall centres, which provide good service at a low cost.
But companies have become more aware ofthe difficulties in doing offshoring successfully.
But our man was told he could also buypassport details, medical records and mobile phone numbers. Crooked computer experts at Indian call centres have created alucrative market in sensitive information.
Sure, DiamondCluster mentions anincrease in work to China, but I see a future where the back-officefunctions split three ways:CRM anddirect contact with the internal customer needs to be onshore. Of course, it is both. The ultimate goal for SOXis to have better-run corporations, with more accurate and reliablereporting. Until suppliers realise that outsourcing may not be the firstand only solution to a client company's back-office problems,mistakes will continue to be made. Offshoringshould be seem as an opportunity and not a threat.
I will find out how the system works,the technology infrastructure required and speak to the individualsdriving this through the business.
It is worthreading in full.
Oh, and the advisors wereQuantumPlus who trumpet previous success at. Many analysts say they simply have too manystaff. The theory of setting up an organisation to promote professionalstandards and subsequently accreditation is a good one.
All the incumbents got bigger, mostly by acquisition. But what I see happening is a convergence between HR and financeand procurement. LogicaCMG has just been unceremoniously dumped byDixons on a deal that Logica thought was in the bag.
The arrest last week of a man in western India in an allegedoffshoring fraud case went unreported. As GrouchoMarx said: "I don't want to belong to any club that would have meas a member". And thenewcomers CGI, Adecco, and Manpower are huge companies in their ownright. Well, according to the latestfigures from theManagement Consultancies Association, the answer is amazing.
The three central themes of the movement are aid, debt andtrade.