phpCriminal Element by Michael P. Unfortunately, through no real fault of Call of Cthulhu, the Mythos just isn't mysterious anymore. While a select few live in prosperity and security, the majority of Anakron's citizens, the Dregs, live in squalor and violence.
If you are looking for a goofy, novelty Christmas themed game, come on in. The evil magic has filled the keep with monsters.
The system attempts to be as freewheeling and fun as the stories. The fleshing out of the Thayans to more than simple evil magic users has also helped make Faerun a much more interesting and compelling setting. This game was originally planned to be a 24 hour rpg, and it may or may not be one.
BATTLES: WOL uses techniques from both genres to give the power to the player, while maintaining the nostalgic feeling you get when you play your most powerful card. As the campaign unfolds over the five supplements, new powers, new character options, new enemies, and new revelations are revealed- making the Orpheus line fit together seamlessly.